Klimty Favela

by Griddle

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Klimty Favela is a comic book and CD dual release, a collaboration between Griddle and visual artist Stephen Tompkins. Tompkins also records music under the name Giant Robotic Bugs. Klimty Favela is a concept album/book about the doping of Olympic athletes, chemical engineering, and cannibalism.


released August 15, 2006

Unless otherwise noted, all lyrics by Kimo Ball, Xifer Fortier, Chris McGrew and Kevin Seal, and published by Tunesmith Worldwide (ASCAP).



all rights reserved


Griddle Oakland, California

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Track Name: City Made of Teeth
(In a city made of teeth,
that's where I will lay my body down.)
Marching through your salted soil
Through molar and incisor
We grew a moustache, shaved it off,
And never was the wiser
The sweet bouquet of victory
Is sticking to my jacket
The jeers and cheers of all these years
Is such a lovely racket
In a city made of teeth
In a city made of teeth (2x)
We're just a team of country boys
Sent to storm the city
It isn't very safe or strong
Or even very pretty
The Launch has given us the strength
To steal and rape and pillage
The things you own and eat and drive
And the women of your village
In a city made of teeth
In a city made of teeth
We came to town the underdogs
And now they call us heroes
Tie us to commercial stakes
With great expanding zeroes
We'll walk the streets with flags in hand
Until they bow before us,
Sing our anthem loud and strong,
And join us in the chorus
In a city made of teeth
Track Name: Strong Also Smart
Drink of this most hearty brew
Delicious and refreshing too
Knowing this secret as I do
All will bring their pelts to you
As you can see, it was to be
Smart wins, naturally
As you can see, it was to be
Smart is victory (2x)
They strong, we also strong, also smart (3x)
Track Name: Picket Fence Grill
Picket Fence Grill
A heritage that you can feel
Roots and enamel so strong
So solid, so white and so long
Frequent nosebleeds as a child?
Teenage years spent running wild?
Here's your cure, I've got it dialed
And the side effects are mild (oh so mild)
Existential, anguished coward
Bald as Curly fuckin' Howard
Now with sexy superpowers
Running in a field of flowers
Picket Fence Grill...
It once spurred our athletes
In the ancient land of teeth
Safe for your son and daughter
I can put it in the water!
Picket Fence Grill...
Track Name: Theme from the 1984 Olympic Games
Come on, grab it, the brass ring
Opportunity is here again!
Come on and grab the ring with both hands!
We've got 84 pianos,
84 shiny blue Kimball grand pianos
They're playing Gershwin for you, yeah!
Come on! Accelerate your heart rate!
Got to perspire to aspire
And aspiration's what we're made of!
We've got 84 pianos,
84 shiny blue baby blue pianos
No red pianos here, yeah!
Sometimes luck just ain't enough
to win the mizahim, yeah
Climb! Climb! Climb! Climb!
We've got 84 pianos… USA! USA! USA! USA!
Come on let's hear it for the team now, yeah!
Track Name: Dr. Becky Bolanky
You pull her patterns close to you from a microscopic place
The mutant glutimate moves to and fro
in cellular cages
Dancing spirals and pirouettes
Titrate the pipettes and make sure that all the dendrites and axoms
Move the way you predict
It's a cha-cha in the rain (Like mouse t'ai-chi)
Out into the open field (Like mouse t'ai-chi)
Chase the mutant glutimate (Wallflower small)
That helps to keep your fever down
(Wallflower tall)
When you walk to the stage to accept the prize
We'll be cheering from the side
We'll name a cocktail after you
Thank you, Dr. Bolanky,
Who's the queen of V-glutimate-3
Dr. Becky Bolanky,
Three cheers for V-glutimate-3
It's a chemical choreography,
and you can see the way it moves
You take the scalpel and the slide,
slice slice and slice and
Scan her digits for difference
There should always be a question
at the end of the formula
What's the question this time?
Superhero scientist (A cape and tights)
Magic bands around her wrist
(Her name in lights)
Track Name: Daphnis
Miss Daphnis's dressed up to the nines
Got her business cards and attaché
Public relations for a private interest bunkered in Switzerland
Set to market the glutimate
Their R&D could see the people who
ingested the toxin
Running faster in trials
Daphnis she was given to ambitions
She could swear like Denis Leary
And make love like a harlot
She was soft as silk pajamas
Peter was a greasy secret agent
Was the last man Daphnis trusted
And the first one the jury quoted
When they passed down their decision
Prison was a gateway drug to Jesus
Who leveraged her salvation
And offered gainful employment
In the sharing of information
Sheila was a gateway drug to Shirley
Who caused her to lose her focus
Justice seems to land in strange locations
Or it falls like cheap confetti
From the hands of kings and tyrants
Or so the tale is spun
Peter staged a coup upon her senses
And a raid upon the complex
With the squad team right behind him
Justice is an abstracted idea
With a lot of room for error
Like a knight or rook or bishop
Can be used to one's advantage
Track Name: City Made of Teeth II
The salted ground we're standing on
was once the Coliseum
Our city planners tore it down
to build a mausoleum
I guess it's fine to honor those
who died to protect our freedom
The busts of our Prime Ministers
are in the wax museum
In a city made of teeth, in a city made of teeth
The factories are sleeping now,
the railroad tracks are busted
The trophy shelves in the Hall of Fame are hollowed out and rusted
In a city made of teeth, in a city made of teeth
Explain to me a reason
why we shouldn't soar like eagles
We're weary of this firefight
so why not make it legal?
And now of course a time had come
when no one didn't do it
And no one didn't not want that,
you know we always knew it
In a city made of teeth
Track Name: Theme from the 2060 Olympic Games
The country's at peace, and I'm the new prez
The election was honest, just like I says
I salute with the tip of my five-cornered fez
And flick back the head
of this commemorative pez
These barrels, green lent is not soy
These barrels are good for your boy
So drink and drink and drink
From these barrels and barrels and barrels of joy
These barrels
This fuel is so tasty, you'll want the last lick
Higher in protein, delicious and thick
I'll be the fire, you be the wick
I'll light your desire for the jones you can't
Kick down the barrels, green lent is not soy…
Cheer for your mates, let our differences boil
Our laughter in suits, a straight chortle royal
When our skeletons crumble,
Compressed in the soil
We'll be together, relieved of our toil
These barrels, green lent is not soy…
You don't need to wrap up your windows in foil
The bodies compact, so the corpses won't spoil
Proudly recycled, like the clips from the moil
Not one but two uses for this mortal coil
Track Name: Mrs Jones's Molars
Under the skin, under the gum,
Extra bit of bone
Check it again, check it again,
Suction for the blood
Under the skin, under the gum,
Extra bit of bone
From both directions,
from both of the jaws
Mrs. Jones's molars thickened white
For a woman of 61, her body showed little sign of aging
She had a radiant smile,
a strong-arm grin
That seemed to glisten with confidence
Like she could conquer the universe
The kind of steely determination that brought down the Berlin Wall
And gave us peace in our time
Mrs. Jones's bones were growing young
Give her the mask, let her relax,
she just needs some air
File down the jaw, sew up the gums, she just needs some air